Keys to Kindness Unlock Kindness Campaign- Annual Event

Connecting schools, businesses, and communities for Kindness.

One Kind Word or One Kind Act Can Change Someone’s Entire Day


Unlock Kindness Campaign 2017

Keys to Kindness will place over 2000 Keys to Kindness, Kind Keys in various communities around the Tampa Bay area every year. These Kind Keys are for individuals to find and serve as a reminder to inspire others to pass on an intentional act of kindness.

Kind Keys will be placed in public and recognizable areas such as parks, trails, neighborhoods, schools, ALF’s, hospitals, beaches, and shopping centers, This will be a community effort. Volunteers will be able to sign up to create a Kind Team to participate, so various areas are able to have Kind Keys placed in their community. Please click the Team Sign Up Button below to create a Kind Team for this event.

Keys to Kindness will also offer Special Kind Keys in honor or memory of a loved one to be given on this special day. Take this time to be with friends and family to spread kindness and make memories while touching someone with an act of kindness.

Thank you kindly for helping to make a difference in our community.