2018 Family & Community Involvement Award

Nomination from Martinez Middle School PTSA


The Keys to Kindness Project was implemented with the goal of creating an encouraging environment for our school through “Being Kind”. By creating an encouraging environment it allowed us to form partnerships with our families and community to reach this goal together; not only did it impact our school environment but the environment of our community as well.

One of the steps of the Keys to Kindness Project was our first “Be Kind Event” which created a venue where our school families and community could come together and show acts of kindness by making items that would go back to the community, to a fellow student in need, and the school. All while families were given a forum to have family fun. The outcome was much larger than we thought. Our community partners could not do enough to help us host this event with their generous donations and time, parents and students not only from our school but other schools in the area volunteered, and our school families supported the event with their time and participation. It was incredible to see our school, families, and community come together to achieve this “Be Kind” goal.

The next step in the project was too create an environment that was encouraging and esthetically pleasing, for our students and staff, and for them to have reminders placed throughout the school on the importance and impact of “Being Kind”. A “Be Kind” courtyard was installed with a beautiful garden, trees, picnic tables, and a “Buddy Bench”. The buddy bench was made for students to have a place to go if they are feeling left out or sad. Knowing that they would not be alone and another student or staff would be there to show kindness and compassion.

We also had the extreme cafeteria make over where paint and supplies were donated from our community businesses to paint the cafeteria and install a “ Family Honor Wall” to pay tribute to families at our school who are and have served our country. This was only made possible by staff, students and their families support.

Another way to connect our Be Kind Initiative with parents and visitors of our school daily we had a “Be Kind Bucket” at the front office where visitors had the opportunity to leave a “Be Kind Note” for a student or staff member.

“Be Kind Kits” are being implemented in the classroom to also continue to connect school, home, and the community towards the Be Kind Initiative. These “Be Kind Kits” include tools for the teacher and staff members to be an example of kindness and empower the students to do the same at home and at school. It is also an avenue to allow families to take part and work hand in hand.

Kindness leads to many of the virtues to which we value and desire. When we focus on kindness it can lead us to making a difference in the world. “Being Kind” creates an encouraging environment not only for ourselves but those around us. This was proven by our students and staff by leading by example in showing acts of kindness throughout our school and community. Watching staff and students adopt the “Be Kind” initiative by their actions and words is a life lesson that cannot be measured. It has brought the school, families, and community together to not only make the school environment better but the community that surrounds us.

In “Being Kind” we are never alone and others want to be a part of it. Kindness is contagious.


The “Keys to Kindness” Project has brought our school, families, and community together to make a difference in our school environment as well as the community around us. Forming community partnerships and implementing “Be Kind” programs and events, makes this initiative sustainable and raises the standard of character for all of us. Each one of us hold the “Keys to Kindness” and to inspire others

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