Hillsborough County 2017 Family & Community Involvement Award

Nomination from Hammond Elementary School

Hammond’s Be Kind Team

Hammond Elementary School – Keys to Kindness, Hammond’s Be Kind Team The “Being Kind” program was launched at Hammond Elementary School in 2015. Since that time students, faculty, and staff are actively engaged in activities focusing on acts of kindness. In December 2016 the school joined forces with the “Keys to Kindness” organization to place Kind Keys in various communities around the Tampa Bay Area. Students, teachers, administration and staff have distributed over 150 Kind Keys to individuals to remind them to pass on an intentional act of kindness. Kind Keys from Hammond have been given to others as far away as England, Washington DC, Atlanta, and throughout the Tampa Bay community. Since the start of the school year over 25 Hammond Wolf Cubs have been recognized for demonstrating random acts of kindness! Working together to promote kindness allows Hammond Elementary to form partnerships with families and community to reach the goal of spreading kindness together.

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