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Read what our kind partners have to say! Keys to Kindness says, "Way to be Kind!"


Hillsborough County Public Schools Family/Community Involvement Award

Hammond's Be Kind Team


Sofia Aristizabal shared with her mom:

Attendee of Keys to Kindness Kindly Blue Event

After attending a Keys to Kindness, Kindly Blue Event, Sofia Aristizabal became inspired.

"I was thinking maybe I could do something to help too! Kids can make a difference, I can make a difference, I can be one of those of kids! I am going to do a foundation." Sofia Aristizabal hosted her first event three weeks later and raised $160.00 for Breast Cancer!

Sheri Norkas.jpg

Sheri L. Norkas

Proud Principal of Hammond Elementary

Since implementing a program focused on promoting kindness, our school culture has improved. It is centered on recognizing unsolicited acts of kindness among staff and students. Our character education is planned to support areas relating to kindness. Furthermore, it has also helped to launch the new Hammond Core Values that we want to instill in our students and school community. It has brought a sense of family to our campus and has improved morale among everyone.


No Tricks just Treats and Kindness for Haiti

Gracie Schmitzer has attended quite a few Be Kind Events and her School is a Keys to Kindness, Kind Campus!

Gracie Schmitzer decided to use Trick or Treat to share kindness with Haiti. She collected canned goods to take to her school that was hosting a canned food drive for Haiti.

Gracie already has plans for her next Kind Endeavour! She will be taking her wagon around the neighborhood to collect toiletries for Veterans.


Mrs. Hayes

  • Hammond Elementary School

  • 4th Grade Teacher

Encouraging kindness in our classroom is positively impacting student learning. The first, most important thing teachers need to focus on at the beginning of the year, is developing a classroom environment in which children feel comfortable taking risks and being themselves. On the first day of school, we spend time discussing kindness rather than classroom rules. Each student signed the kindness pledge and colored a poster to display outside of our room. Mrs Anair and I feel that our classroom culture is the number one priority. After that is established, then the stage is set for a positive learning environment. All children are celebrated for their unique differences. We try to show them that every single one of them has something to offer and share. We discuss kindness in our classrooms daily. We celebrate acts of kindness!! Each week two students from our classrooms are selected as our "kindness student of the week". They get to proudly wear the keys to kindness necklace in school for an entire week. They also get a cool pencil and a certificate to take home. At the end of each lesson, students assess their group work and identifying if they were staying on "TRACK" ( see the poster pictured above). They rate their learning, and equally important, they rate how well their group worked together. They discuss if they were kind to each other. We currently have an online "kindness Padlet". It just went live last night, but it is a website in which our students will get to share a time when someone at the school was kind to them, and how it impacted their life.

Later in the year, we will encourage many service project to promote showing kindness in our community....

Like the autism walk, animal shelter fair, relay for life, canned food drive, toy drive, ....etc....

We take time with each service project to discuss the impact the student can have in the community

We also always do a unit on special needs children. We teach them how to be kind and appreciate everyone's differences. We buddy up with a special needs class at our school an develop lasting friendships

I already get to work at a wonderful school. These children have amazing hearts and truly care about each other. You can see it when the celebrate each other's accomplishments, support each other through struggles, and show patience and kindness throughout their daily activities.

Mrs Anair and I really appreciate the resources provides to us by keys to kindness. We utilize them every day and it helps support our goals in developing a positive classroom culture.

So.... thank you for your support in this endeavor!


Freedom Elementary School, Mrs. Himler's Class

Mrs. Himler's Class


School Teacher at Freedom Elementary School