Community Kind Key Nomination

All nominees must reside in the Tampa Bay Area.

We want to honor those in the Greater Tampa Bay Area who spread intentional acts of kindness, making a difference in our community, and making our community a better place to live. Whether it is a neighbor, teacher, friend, store clerk, crossing guard, a co-worker, or a child who is making a difference in our community through kindness, we would like to celebrate their kindness by presenting them with a K2K Kind Key.

Individuals and businesses can be nominated for a Keys to Kindness, Kind Key by someone sharing their Kind Story with us. Do you know of someone making a difference with the kindness they share with others? Would you like them to be recognized and inspire others even more? Nominate them for a Community Kind Key. If chosen for a Keys to Kindness, Kind Key the individual and business will be recognized by a member of the Keys to Kindness, Kind Crew.