Trinity Tough

Trinity is a 3-year-old girl from Tampa, Florida who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer in July 2018 at the age of 2.5; she also has Horners syndrome and Harliquine syndrome, as well as a speech delay with a tongue tie. Trinity has an older sister, Cierra, who is 5 and her younger sister, Anastasia, who is 1!

Trinity Tough

What started out as a normal visit to the Pediatrician in early July 2018 quickly became every parent’s worst nightmare. Within 16 days what started as a small lump in her neck grew to be a solid mass roughly the size of a baseball. With how quickly the mass grew, the local children’s hospital knew they needed to do rush CT and biopsy. The results confirmed the worst: the mass was a tumor and it was cancerous. Because of the location of Trinity’s Neuroblastoma cancer, it is inoperable.

Trinity has had rounds of Chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsy, surgery to have a Broviac line placed, CT scans, MIBG scans, X-rays, surgery to remove her Broviac (as it kept malfunctioning and getting infected), tons of lab work, and more.

Trinity’s most recent CT and MIBG (full body scan, with radioactive dye injected via an IV) showed tumor and liver cancer cells still present since her most recent treatments. Her current team of Doctors is saying Trinity might always have cancer, which isn’t okay! So we are currently trying to get Trinity to Michigan; Michigan has a neuroblastoma specialist that will hopefully be able to give us a treatment plan to get Trinity 100% cancer free and allow her to ring the gold bell!


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