Kind Camp 2022 Camper Registration

Please complete the form below to begin the registration process. Full-Day Camp is $150.00 per child and Half-Day Camp is $75.00 per child, plus $25.00 for a Kind Camp T-shirt. All fees included for Kind Camp are non- refundable.

In order to attend Kind Camp, you must complete the Emergency and Authorization Form and Photo Release Form.

Also, campers and volunteers are required to purchase a Kind Camp T-Shirt for camp. We recommend purchasing more than one t-shirt as volunteers and campers are asked to wear their Kind Camp Shirt every day at camp.

Kind Camp 2022 Registration Form

  • Camper Name Kind Camp Choose Your Camp(s) Shirt Size Additional T-Shirts Actions
  • Price: $0.00
  • (Write camper name and grade, separate with a comma if multiple campers)
  • (Write camper name and school, separate with a comma if multiple campers)
  • (If your child has no allergies, write N/A)
  • Cost Per Session: $150.00, Includes Lunch for Friday only. Due at time of registration (non-refundable) $20.00 Kind Camp Shirt. Please pack a water bottle, sunscreen, and lunch with no peanuts or peanut items. Please complete the Emergency & Authorization Form & Photo Release Form as well. All forms must be completed. Payment is due upon registration. Thank you kindly!

  • $0.00

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