Kind Cause Gallery

Keys to Kindness supports many community Kind Causes and provides opportunities to connect with the community to provide opportunities to inspire and spread kind

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Kind Field Trip

Our summer interns, campers, and volunteers joined us to share kindness with James A Haley Hospital, Arbor Terrace, and Eckerd Connect by sharing the Kind Gifts they made. A nice reminder that these kids and parents made the choice to make a difference this summer and it carries on!

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Hurricane Michael Relief Kind Campus Drive November 2018

We partnered with our various Kind Campus schools to collect donations for Hurricane Michael victims. We can not thank you enough for partnering with us to help share, much needed kindness with the Panhandle. We drove to the various schools and collected over 2000 items between the participating schools.

Items were dropped off at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department was extremely helpful and we are grateful for their partnership to make this happen as well.

The drive was even featured by ABC Action News Tampa!

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Sharing Kindness in Arizona August 2018

Keys to Kindness spans the country - from Florida to Arizona!

Keys to Kindness Awarded Hillsborough County Schools Community & Family Involvement Award

In May 2018, the Hillsborough County School District presented Keys to Kindness with the Community & Family Involvement Award.

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Kindness for MSD & The Parkland Community

The Odessa Community came together to share kindness with a community with broken hearts. Over 125 birdhouses painted by members of our community were delivered and placed throughout the Parkland Community.

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Hurricane Relief 2017

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From Canada to Tampa Kindness is shared with one of our Veterans.

1 Veteran in Need + 2 Countries + LOTS of Compassionate People = 1 Service Dog


This is a beautiful story of the way two wonderful countries – yes, countries, Canada and America – came together to serve an American veteran.

In July 2017, the Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation in Canada hosted by wonderful, caring, and giving Canadian veterans and patriots, held their annual event in Lloydminister, Saskatchewan. As a non-profit foundation, WWWF is a band of brothers and sisters who have joined together with one common goal: to show and express their heartfelt appreciation to veterans, reservists, active duty military, and first responders who are challenged by physical and/or mental wounds sustained by active participation in recent or past military conflicts and duties.

Over the WWWF weekend, in addition to fishing, boating, shooting, sightseeing, live music, darts, touring, and plenty of opportunities to eat and socialize, Rebecca Santanna (Canada) and her team from Omega Service Dogs brought some of their service trained dogs to interact with everyone.

Adam Ellerbe, an American veteran attending the WWWF weekend – was checking out the event’s activities and one of the service dogs went up to say hello to Adam. From that point, a bond was created. The dog stayed with Adam over the remainder of his time in Canada, and for everyone attending, it was sad to see the two of them having to part as Adam returned to the USA.

John Krotec (USA) of GreenZone Hero saw firsthand how well Adam responded to the service dog, and how much his everyday life had improved – even in that short time. He stepped up and began facilitating the process for Adam to get a service dog from Omega.

Elise Ruiters (Canada) joined John’s efforts and started a GoFundMe account that brought in donations – a great big thank you to everyone who gave!

However, Adam’s needs and the time it was taking to acquire funding needed to get a service dog to him timely were not matching. Rebecca contacted another American who had attended the event – Richard Caruso – and asked if he could assist. Richard contacted his resource network and eventually directed her to LaVonne L. Bower (USA) at Lavonne reached out to her network to not only secure the remaining funding to get a service dog to Adam, but also secured a SUPPORT GROUP OF VETERANS willing to travel to Florida to assist Adam with his training.

Because so many compassionate, caring people - across 2 countries - worked together, Adam is now the owner of his beloved service dog named Ever. Ever’s purpose: Mitigating Adam’s challenges of PTSD like shielding; grounding from anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks; and waking from nightmares.

The love for our brothers and sisters, recognition of a friend in crisis and in need, as well as compassion, honor, and respect for those who have served in the military to keep our freedoms free, allowed a team of people across two countries to graciously give back.

Omega Service Dogs, Paws and Warriors, and Bravo748 would like to thank the following people and businesses for their patriotism, their love for others, and especially for their contributions that allow Adam and Ever to support each other.

  • Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation - Blake Emmons and his wonderful wife, Darlene Emmons
  • Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation – Veterans and Patriots across Canada for their support of the WWWF
  • Homefront Heroes – Kim Nanson
  • Mother of All Rucks Foundation – Paul O’Keef, Victor Vincelette, and Kelly
  • Operation Second Chance – Cindy McGrew, Ben Knisely, Andrew Lourake
  • Keys to KindnessSharri Lynn Hooper Cagle
  • Polk County Fire Rescue / Lakeland Fire Station #2
  • Hilton Garden Inn, Lakeland, FL
  • Ford’s Garage Restaurants
  • Bradenton Cortez Chick-Fil-A
  • Three Brothers Pizza
  • Omega Service Dogs – Rebecca Santanna
  • Paws and Warriors – LaVonne Bower
  • Bravo748 Military Speakers – Jamie Burton

From all of us - We wish the very best for Adam, his wife Heather Ellerbe, and the newest member of their family, Ever!

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Kindly Blue Event~ Support our First Responders

This event was held to honor and support our First Responders. Bird houses with Kind Keys were painted and placed at various fire and police stations.

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Kindly Clean Up

A Kindly Clean up with Martinez's NJHS and Steinbrenner's Student Ambassadors for Keys to Kindness Events and the Church at Odessa!

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Keys to Kindness Unlock Kindness Campaign 2016

Keys to Kindness launched with the Unlock Kindness Campaign on December 10th, 2016 by hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser for Mrs. Spafford at Hammond Elementary and poinsettia sale for Mr. Leist at Steinbrenner High School. The first Keys to Kindness, Community Kind Keys were given to individuals in our community recognizing them for sharing kindness in our community. We were also extremely excited to place 2016 KEYS TO KINDNESS, KIND KEYS in our community to share and encourage acts KINDNESS!!

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Webb Middle School

Sharing kindness through various kind acts of service.

Keys to Kindness ~ Honor Keys

31 Hereos Ruck to Remember- Keys to Kindness, Honor Keys were sent to Washington DC in honor of our Fallen Heroes.

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Sofia's Lemonade Stand for Breast Cancer Awareness

Inspired by the Keys to Kindness, Kindly Blue Event, Sofia didn't waste any time and put together her own event to share kindness!


Be Kind 4 Jack Week

Jack Saville an awesome 3rd grader at Hammond Elementary School in need of a heart transplant. Hammond Elementary School shared kindness like real Super Heroes!

The Mark Wandall Foundation- Comfort Zone Camp

An incredible foundation that helps children in grief. It is builds life long relationships and opens doors you would have never imagined. Beautiful.

Comfort Zone Camp.JPG
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A Be Kind Thank you for your service Hillsborough County First Responders.

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Be Kind for Sam Week

Another great Hammond student, Sam Young, who was battling childhood cancer and is whipping it!

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Be Kind 4 Leist ~ Kind Keys

"Kick It for Leist" was a fundraiser sponsored by Steinbrenner High School for Mr. Leist, a school teacher at Steinbrenner High School diagnosed with ALS. An incredible display of community kindness, love, and support was shown in a variety of ways.


Animal Kindness

The First Keys to Kindness to be given to our Kind animals!

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Sofia's Autism Awareness Run & Lemonade Stand!

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Be Kind for Relay for Life - American Cancer Society

Hammond Elementary, a Kind Campus School, hosted a Relay for Life fundraiser. Families enjoyed time together and raised funds to fight cancer. Way to go Hammond Elementary School - another great way of sharing kindness!

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Be Kind Campus Week

Be Kind Campus Week at Martinez Middle School. Students, staff, and families coming together for a Kind Cause: a teacher's wife at the school battling an auto immune disease. Incredible acts of kindness shared not only by funds raised by bringing in loose change, but by leaving notes, making videos, meal trains, community give backs, and other quiet, sweet gestures.

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Honor Keys at James A Haley Veterans' Hospital

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Keys to Kindness with Area 2 Principals Breakfast


A Heart for Jack

A kind idea from 5th Grader, Colin Cagle, to hold a lemonade stand to raise funds for Jack Saville in need of a heart transplant started off the Be Kind Bananaza! 1st fundraiser for Jack Saville's heart translplant with a little lemonade stand that raised $2000.00. This started Be Kind Week and Keys to Kindness!

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  • keys-to-kindness-community-kind-key

Keys to Kindness Around Our Community

  • keys-to-kindness-lemonade-fundraiser

Relay for Life