Kind Pledge Sponsorship

At Keys to Kindness, our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower children, adults, schools, communities, and businesses to share kindness. We believe that each one of us has the power to be the key in changing others’ lives through simple acts of kindness.

Our goal is to connect the community by sharing kindness from the youngest individual to the oldest, and we providing different experiences and platforms to do this. Keys to Kindness carries out our mission by partnering with schools, businesses, and individuals with our Kind Campus, Kind Business, and Kind Key initiatives. In addition, we support other organizations in the community to share kindness with veterans, elderly, first responders, and facilitate fundraisers and more as the need and opportunity arises.

Our Kind Community Partnerships truly have made a difference. Through our partnerships:

  • School Kind Campuses have been created;

  • Fundraisers for local school children and teachers with medical needs have been held or participated in;

  • Veterans and their families have been honored and supported;

  • Platforms have been provided for our youth to serve and be served.

  • Gatherings have been hosted for Special Need Children.

  • A variety of Kind Causes have been supported.

  • Summer Kind Camp & Kind Intern for Youth were held.

  • Community Clean Up Projects were completed, and more.

This is just the beginning.

Today, we are introducing our Kind Pledge drive. By supporting Keys to Kindness and making your Kind Pledge, you are helping to propel our mission. The true impact of what you are supporting is felt all over the world. The importance of kindness is catching on and we need your help to further our mission!

We ask that you take time to review the Kind Pledge Sponsorship levels and consider how you, your family, your organization or business, can take part in this mission that is bigger than all of us. We thank you in advance for your support of our mission to make the world a kinder place!

Kind Pledge Sponsorship Levels

Bronze Key

Donation up to $100.00

Name recognition on website

Silver Key

Donation of $101 - 250.00

Name recognition on website

Gold Key

Donation of $251 - 500.00

Name recognition on website

Platinum Key

Donation of $501 - 1,000.00

Name recognition & logo on website

Social media recognition

Logo in our email newsletters

Diamond Key

Donation over $1,000.00

Name recognition & logo on website

Name recognition & logo in Keys to Kindness Gifts & Gatherings Boutique

Social media recognition

Logo in our email newsletters

We appreciate your consideration and donation to support the Keys to Kindness mission. You can donate by clicking here.

Thank you kindly!

K2K Kind Team


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