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Keys to Kindness has various programs and initiatives to help create an encouraging environment and provide opportunities to connect the community to make a difference. We provide the opportunities and tools through our programs and initiatives to give others the chance to make an impact in some one’s life and in return their own.

Kind Campus Initiative

Kind Campus Initiative

Classroom Kind Kits and Staff Kind Kits connect students, staff, and families for kindness and an Encouraging Environment. Keys to Kindness plants a positive seed and takes the pro-active approach to bullying instead of re-active. Kindness is one of the Pillars of Character and can be the foundation to teach many of the other pillars of character. Having staff unite with students for the goal of kindness creates an encouraging environment. Families become involved in the Kind Campus by being able to participate through the program and events that can be held by the school. Scientific studies prove there are many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits associated with kindness for children and adults.

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Kind Business Initiative

Kind Business

Business Kind Kits help to create an encouraging environment by providing tools for intentional acts of kindness whether it is guests, residents, customers, and/or employees. From Kind Notes, to a Key to Kindness to recognize an employee’s act of kindness; our Kind Kit will help in creating an encouraging environment. When kindness is part of the work environment and culture, it has been shown that productivity increases, turn-over is decreased, and relationships are established.

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Summer Internships

Keys to Kindness non-profit, is excited to offer a Summer Internship for Middle School and High School Students during the summer. Space for this opportunity is limited, we take this seriously. We want to help our youth learn different skills, trades, a work ethic, and have kind fun!

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Summer Kind Camp

Keys to Kindness hosts an annual Summer Kind Camp for Pre-K through 5th grade children. This is the one stop camp that has a little bit of everything to make the summer days fun and kind filled for both boys and girls.

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Community Kindness Picture

Community Kindness

Keys to Kindness will connect the community in kindness with the Community Kindness Program when individuals share their Kind Story and nominate an individual for a Kind Key. Adults, youth, and businesses can be nominated on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, Keys to Kindness will award the recipient chosen for their act of kindness with a Kind Key, Kind Certificate and they will be featured in a media outlet so they may be recognized for their act of kindness and inspire others to share intentional acts of kindness.

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