Summer Internships

Keys to Kindness non-profit is excited to offer a Summer Internship for Middle School and High School Students during the summer.  Space for this opportunity is limited.  We want to provide a place for our High School and Middle School Students to come in the summer and make the most of their time and for us to help them learn time management different skills, trades, work ethic, and have fun!

Summer Internship Requirements are:

  • Choose 3 days of the week to intern a minimum of 4 hours each day.
  • Middle School or High School Students
  • Complete the Internship Packet. This will be given at the time of selection.
  • Volunteer at one of the Kind Camps.
  • Purchase a Keys to Kindness T-shirt and wear it when volunteering.
  • We are excited to provide this opportunity for our youth!
  • Interns will have a letter written to their Principal sharing their internship and the hours they worked.  They will also be given a certificate at the end of the summer if requirements are met. Hours volunteered under the internship will count towards community service hours.
  • Interns selected will be contacted if you have been selected for the internship by May 10th.

Community Service Hours

  • We will also be offering community service hours during the summer and throughout the year. Those can be served Monday – Friday anytime from 11am -5pm.
  • To volunteer please complete the volunteer form.

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