Be Kind. It's Contagious.

Working to Inspire, Educate and Encourage Intentional Acts of Kindness.

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What Keys to Kindness Does…

Keys to Kindness is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering individuals to practice kindness in their everyday lives and community. Keys to Kindness provides opportunities to inspire, encourage, and pass on intentional acts of kindness through our events, programs, kind causes, and the many opportunities we provide to connect with the community and have others be involved and have a hands-on experience in giving back.

Keys to Kindness doesn’t just support one cause, we support many causes. Through our community partnerships and our Gifts & Gatherings Store we are able to host and facilitate fundraisers and special events to share support, provide tools, and opportunities for many causes.

We also provide a platform for youth to serve their community and fulfill service hours through our Summer Internship Program and our Special Events. Our Kind Campus Program takes a pro-active approach to bullying and awareness for mental health well- being and the importance of kindness and an encouraging environment. We provide a Summer Kind Camp where children have a safe place to come and learn and give back in meaningful ways.

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Your generous donation will allow us to continue our mission of connecting our community to share kindness and support many different causes such as families in need, Veterans, illnesses, Elderly, Homeless, and mental health; as well continuing our Kind Campus Programs and Student Internship Initiative.

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Our Keys to Kindness, Gifts & Gatherings gives us a platform to give back to our community. We are able to host various fundraisers and provide a gathering place for various group needs. You can buy a gift, make a gift, be a gift, or share a gift. We are excited about the many meaningful gifts for all occasions. You can also schedule a birthday party, fundraiser, club, team building gathering with us or schedule one of our DIY Workshops.

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We rely on financial contributions to continue and support Keys to Kindness Programs, Initiatives, Community Outreach, and Kind Causes.

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