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What Keys to Kindness Does…

Keys to Kindness is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering individuals to practice kindness in their everyday lives and community. Keys to Kindness provides moments to inspire, encourage, and pass on intentional acts of kindness for all ages through our events and community givebacks and opportunities to include and encourage individuals with various disabilities.

We are grateful to be able to provide a Kind Camp for Elementary through college-age students, which focuses on providing a platform to learn the importance of kindness and service.  Elementary-age students can “buddy up” with older students (Big Buddies and BBIT’s) to build relationships and learn the importance of kindness through learning about the many different needs in our community and sharing intentional acts of kindness. Through our Kind Camp, we can connect individuals of all ages to serve others in an encouraging and ELECTRONIC FREE ZONE!  It is a time for making memories, friendships, and meaningful ways to give back to others through team-building exercises, sports, games, crafts, skits, and more.

Kind Camp provides meaningful opportunities during camp and throughout the year.  We partner with other organizations to provide needs to those in our community.  We can provide a way to earn community service hours and internships, learn the importance of connecting and building relationships, and have opportunities to service others through our outreach initiatives throughout the year.






How can we support Keys to Kindness?

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Your generous donation will allow us to continue our mission of connecting our community to share kindness and support many different causes, such as Special Need Children, Families in Need, Our Veterans, those with disabilities', Foster Families, The Elderly, Homeless, and Mental Health.

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We rely on financial contributions to continue and support Keys to Kindness Programs, Initiatives, Community Outreach, and Kind Causes.

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