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Kind Camp 2024

It’s official: Kind Camp 2024 is on! Join us for our EIGHTH Annual Keys to Kindness, Kind Camp this summer. This year, Kind Camp will be held for two weeks!


June 17th – June 21st, 2024/ 9:00 am- 5:00 pm

June 24th – June 28th, 2024/ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (early drop off available at @8:30am and later pick up at 5:30 pm @ no additional charge)

WHERE:  St. Marks Episcopal Church/ 13312 Cain Rd./ Tampa, FL 33625

What is Kind Camp About?

  • Teach the importance of Kindness and share intentional acts of Kindness while having fun! We have kids step outside their comfort zone and make an impact!
  • From the time the previous year’s Kind Camp ends, we are working on next year’s Kind Camp! We aim to provide a STRUCTURED, INTENTIONAL, AND PURPOSE-FILLED CAMP FOR ALL! We teach that we all have a story, and we don’t know all the chapters and how important it is to be included and share Kindness with them!
  • We help our Big & Little Buddies step outside their comfort zone and provide an encouraging environment for them to shine and share their purpose: to make a difference in the lives of others!
  • We teach the importance of Connecting with Others, Character Building, Life Skills, Socializing, Sportsmanship, Manners and etiquette, Patriotism, Conflict resolution, Sharing Kindness, Showing Compassion, Diversity, Team Building, Respect, and responsibility.
  • Opportunities  for “Little Buddies” (Elementary School Students Pre-K – 5th Grade) who are partnered with a “Big Buddy” (High School and College Students) and our BBITs (Middle School Students in training to become Big Buddies)
  • We are an ELECTRONIC FREE ZONE! Yes, that means no cell phones for Big Buddies, BBITs, or Little Buddies, so they can all fully engage with their Little Buddies! Cell phones are collected at the beginning of Kind Camp and returned at the end of the day.
  • We provide Daily Lessons on giving back to the community and making crafts for organizations such as Foster Care,  Special Needs, Disabilities, Illnesses, Veterans, First Responders, the Elderly, Widows, and Animal Shelters.
  • We provide an opportunity for our volunteers to earn community service hours.

Every year, we sponsor almost half of our campers. We believe every child should have a platform to share their purpose and know they have the power to make a difference. We are so grateful for all our Big and Little Buddies and their families who have been able to attend Kind Camp and excited that we have most of them return each year and always look forward to meeting new ones.

Kind Camp Registration Information & Forms

Pre-School through Elementary School Students (Little Buddies/Campers)- Kind Camp Registration Form & Information

Keys to Kindness hosts an annual Summer Kind Camp for children of Pre-K through 5th-grade (just completed 5th Grade). This is the one-stop camp that has a little bit of everything to make the summer days fun and kindly filled for both boys and girls. The camp is held Monday through Friday. All Day Camp is available from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. for $150.00, or Half Day Camp is 9:00 am – 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm 5:00 for $75.00.

Also, campers and volunteers must purchase a Kind Camp T-shirt for camp. We recommend purchasing more than one t-shirt as volunteers and campers are asked to wear their Kind Camp Shirt every day at camp. Kind Camp T-shirts will be given out on the first day of camp.

Kindly click below to register!

Pre K – 5th Grade Kind Camp Registration Form

Middle School Students (BBITs)- Kind Camp Volunteer Form & Information

Keys To Kindness allows Middle School Students in 6th -8th Grade to partner with our Big Buddies during Kind Camp and train to become a Big Buddy. Once in 9th Grade, they can sign up as a Big Buddy. They attend our training before camp and receive additional training during Kind Camp, as well as the opportunity to earn community service hours. K2K Kind Camp is a structured and intentional summer camp that pours into all the kids that attend Kind Camp. The structure in place allows us to help each child learn new things and find their purpose while learning the importance of Kindness.

Kindly click below to register!

Middle School Kind Camp Volunteer Registration

High School & College Students (Big Buddies)- Kind Camp Volunteer Form & Information

Kind Camp is a great opportunity not just for our Little Buddies to spend part of their summer making a difference and learning the importance of Kindness but also for our Big Buddies. Connecting with their Little Buddies and knowing they are impacting and making a difference for someone else is a lifelong lesson. It has been incredible to hear the stories about relationships built between little and big buddies that have lasted through the years. They also get the opportunity to earn community service hours! We have an excellent return rate on our volunteers, even having some of our college students and out-of-state volunteers return!

Kindly click below to register!

High School & College Volunteer Registration Form


Mandatory training will be held before Kind Camp for ALL Big Buddies and BBITs. This training will cover camp rules and procedures, practice a fire/emergency drill, and teach CPR Training. Even if you have volunteered for Kind Camp before, you must attend the Mandatory Training.

Additional required camp forms

Campers must have completed and submitted the Emergency Authorization and Photo Release Forms to attend Kind Camp.
The Emergency Authorization, Photo Release Forms, and the Volunteer Code of Conduct must be completed and submitted for volunteers. Failure to complete these forms will hinder admittance.

Kind Camp Registration (Little Buddy)

Photo Release Form

Emergency and Authorization Form

Volunteer Code of Conduct (Volunteers Only)

2024 Kind Camp T-Shirt

This years Kind Camp theme is, It's Cool to Be Kind!

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