Kind Testimonials

Sarah Jacobsen Capps

Principal, Woodbridge Elementary

Thank you so much for the beautiful heart/key and kind words yesterday during the Area 2 meeting at Sickles High School. Support like this is what keeps me going in this fight against breast cancer.

Hillsborough County Testimonial

Hillsborough County

We were inspired by Keys to Kindness. It was the least we could do to show our support. Continue to have “Courage” and know that we are ALL here for you!

Dawn Vincent Testimonial Courage Cross

Dawn Vincent

Charles W. Riddle asked me to go to Keys to Kindness with him one weekend, his friend, Collin, was playing Santa Claus @ a Christmas Event they were hosting. He said, “mom, you will love this store, it’s your kind of store.” Not only was it my kind of store, I love everything there, but I actually found KINDNESS! The women in that store were amazing, and owner, Sharri Lynn Hooper Cagle gave me a big hug as Charles W. Riddle introduced me. I bought myself a Breast Cancer Cross with the words “Courage” to remind myself to always have the “courage” to believe that I am in God’s hands. I cheerly told the woman ringing me up I was buying it for myself as this would be 2 years cancer free for me. Little did I know I would soon find out that was not going to be my reality. After the doctor told me I had BC again Charles W. Riddle called me when he was at the store and Sharri Lynn Hooper Cagle asked to speak to me. She told me that she and the girls will be wearing PINK on 12/27 (surgery day) in support of ME!! She went on to explain that they have also asked their customers to do the same. I have to admit I was a little choked up. Sharri Lynn Hooper Cagle is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I believe the Lord put her in my path for a reason. She is a blessing! If you ever have a chance to visit her store it is located at 8738 North Mobley Road, Odessa, Fl (in the Foxs Corner Plaza). They have beautiful gifts and the KEY TO KINDNESS!

Ladybug Testimonial


When I asked my friend Ladybug to roll the dice with me and it came up, “What was the best part of your day?” She said, “getting to come to Keys to Kindness Gifts & Gatherings!” She was so excited to shop for others and visit. I love her giving heart! She made my day!

Hammond Elementary School

The “Being Kind” program was launched at Hammond Elementary School in 2015. Since that time students, faculty, and staff are actively engaged in activities focusing on acts of kindness. In December 2016 the school joined forces with the “Keys to Kindness” organization to place Kind Keys in various communities around the Tampa Bay Area. Students, teachers, administration and staff have distributed over 150 Kind Keys to individuals to remind them to pass on an intentional act of kindness. Kind Keys from Hammond have been given to others as far away as England, Washington DC, Atlanta, and throughout the Tampa Bay community. Since the start of the school year over 25 Hammond Wolf Cubs have been recognized for demonstrating random acts of kindness! Working together to promote kindness allows Hammond Elementary to form partnerships with families and community to reach the goal of spreading kindness together.

Frank Diaz

Principal, Webb Middle School

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your kind heart. Within a short few months of knowing you, your kindness has brought many smiles to our faces. Your generosity and continuous support of our students, teachers and community is greatly noted and appreciated. I specifically want to thank you for not only donating your time but also recruiting others to support us during the Caribbean Outreach, the school beautification and our PTSA garage sale. I would like to further extend my appreciation to the students and parents from Martinez Middle for their contributions toward our school. It gives me great pride and energy to continue the efforts of what we do for students on a daily basis knowing that kind people like yourself and those in our community who generously support our mission and vision in helping others. As the proud Principal of Webb Middle school, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you ever need any support from us, please let us know.

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