Volunteer Code of Conduct Form

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  • Keys to Kindness Volunteer Code of Ethics

    As a volunteer, I realize that I am subject to a code of ethics for Keys To Kindness, in which I will participate. In agreeing to serve, I assume certain responsibilities and expect to account for what I do and what is expected from me. I will honor the goals, rules, and regulations of Keys To Kindness. I will keep confidential matters confidential. I interpret volunteering to mean that I have been accepted and I expect to do my work according to the highest standards. I promise to take to my work an attitude of open mindedness, and willingness to be trained for it according to the standards and practices of the organization, and bring to my work my full interest and attention. I believe my attitude toward volunteer work should be professional and encouraging. I believe that I have an obligation to my work, to those who direct it, to those for whom it is done, and to the public. I agree to put the safety and the wellbeing of all campers and my fellow volunteers a priority. I will also uphold the Character that Keys To Kindness expects, that honesty, kindness, patience, hard work, caring, and respectfulness and contribute all that I can to the goals of this program, I accept this code of ethics, to be followed carefully and cheerfully.

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